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Helping Small Business to "Stand Out" Online


Do You Feel Like You Are Wearing Too Many Hats?

First, you need to be an expert at what you do! Of course, your goal is to truly help your customer or client reach their goals and do it with such expertise that they refer all their friends and spread the word about your so your business grows. But there is so much more to running a small business! specialize in your market, then handle customers, payments and your business expenses. And, don't even get started on payroll, taxes or the legal side of business.  


At Armor Marketing, we cater to a certain niche: SMALL BUSINESSES. That's just our focus. We like being part of the team helping to get businesses off the ground, or just growing a customer base.

We do this by:

1) building simple but highly effective websites,

2) showing the owner how to make their own simple changes to the site as their business grows, and

3) optimizing the website (affordably) so that potential customers can find you.

So, your first step at this point would be to decide what type of site you need by reading more below.


What Type of Website Do You Need?

For small businesses, websites seem to perform one of the following functions:

1) It's a Business Card -- here's what I do, and here's where you can find me.

2) It's a Sales Tool -- you show the world what you have with pictures, descriptions, and information, but you do no business transactions on the site.

3) It's a Store -- it allows you to do actual business transactions: taking credit cards and shipping products.


Now Who's Gonna Build Your Website? A Pro or You?

So, once you've decided the function your website serves, then you can choose the level of difficulty and expense you're willing to undertake:

OPTION #1) You have a "super professional" website built for you. Yes, it'll look good, but you're LOCKED IN to someone else's schedule and opinions. Each simple change costs you money and YOU can't make any changes yourself, no matter how simple they might be.

OPTION #2) You make it yourself with an "Easy Website Builder." The problem with these is that they are usually not as simple to do as advertised. And, usually they end up not having the functionality and features that you thought you'd get or eventually need. So, as your business grows and you need your website to do more things, you get boxed in where you can't go forward without a complete overhaul of your website.

At ARMOR MARKETING, we strive to give you real solutions for both of the above bad options. We'll build a simple website for your needs now, with the features you might need later waiting for you. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn more about how get us started building an attractive, SEO-friendly website for you. OR, use our easy Do-It-Yourself Website Design Platform. Go there now and start your FREE 10-Day Trial, or learn more about the whole process by going to our FAQ page.

Making changes

We build simple websites. You've heard the term "keep it simple stupid"? We abide by that. We build it. You run it, and for the most part, you change it when necessary. If you're pretty good at a program like Microsoft Word, then you can do this. You may have no idea of the sense of empowerment you'll feel when you can add a calendar, a picture, or change or add text to your site right away instead of waiting on someone else! And, when you do it yourself, it's free!


How Do I Get the Search Engines to find my business?


Answer this question: Why did you start your business? Most likely you want to make lots of money or "call the shots" -- or both.

Then, why keep "hiding" your business? You're "hiding" -- in a sense -- because no one is finding you. The problem with MOST small businesses on the internet is that they don't rank highly, so they go almost unnoticed.

For customers to find you on the internet and stay for a while on your site, you need 2 things: 1) a clean, right-to-the-point website, and 2) you need to be optimized properly so that people find you.

You want your potential customers to immediately find what they're looking for. Then, once they find you, you need to "convert" them as paying customers, or at least as future paying customers. That's why your site also needs to be "sticky." That's a term for having information that keeps them sticking around and coming back for more. Most of the time, potential customers on the internet start out "window shopping." Your site needs to hold their attention. We can help you do that.

So, you've probably heard of SEO. That's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That's the fancy title for the work it takes to get a website noticed by the search engines; which leads to higher rankings, which leads to more exposure, which leads to more customers...which leads to more sales. We're good at it, and you need our help, but not at a prohibitive cost to you. You see, it's not really that hard, but you don't know how to do it, and it can be a bit time-consuming and requires patience -- both from us and you. But, in the end, it pays massive rewards as your site rises up above the others and the cash register starts cha-chinging!